VIP SERVICES, It is one of VIP HOLDING companies. was created to be an important part of the business sectors in our group, and to cooperate with the rest of the other companies in the group, as one team, its basis and its main objective is innovation and development success and building trust with clients so that this company can be an icon of entrepreneurship.

We established this company in our group of other companies active in the real estate field, consulting, food and specializing in providing all kinds of support and services that are of interest to foreign investors , tourists and residents in Turkey, and operate to facilitate logistical and legal procedures and the steps they must take to establish Their business and investment, buying their real estate or spending their holidays in this beautiful country.

Our company adopts a strategy to vary the services provided in several areas, offers all its perfect services by a young professional team with extensive experience and high efficiency enabling them to perform these services effectively to fulfill the aspirations of customers and meet their expectations, both in terms of the quality and professionality of these services and with affordable fees, using the technology latest services .

Our company is keen to provide pre-sale and after-sale services in the field of real estate, title deed, interior decoration, furnishing, maintenance , property management , and the delivery of municipal services. We also have a staff of professional and skilled employees in preparing permanent real estate residency files and official files related to obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment or other investments.

On the other hand, our company provides you with airport pick up and drop off services , and manage your transportation And your trips with a fleet of modern luxury cars with a driver on demand, and flight bookings and hotel reservations.

As for legal advice and real estate evaluation reports, you can get them with our lawyers and staff. in order to guide you and give you advice when you need it in Turkey, so we care about your service and help you everywhere and at any time.


We provide all services and facilities to create encouraging investment opportunities, and our staff overcomes all the obstacles you may face, and support them towards achieving their goals and building a bright future for them and their families.


Creating value with all stakeholders, customers and investors by contrebution to the international economy and building cultural bridges .


VIP services , with its management and employees, seeks full customer satisfaction with all services that Provided by us, and we are fully aware that we can only achieve that through our dependence on our values and our authenticity in performing our services, which are: Honesty, sincerity, transparency, and building bridges of trust between us, and this is what distinguishes our company from other traditional companies active in this field.


Our Company always strives to innovation in order to play a pioneering role in building the future of our homeland and developing our societies.